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We were approached by Savills, with one of the key asset sales in Prague. The highly distinctive and one of a kind beautiful developement in the heart of Prague.

With our reputation as the go-to agency for B2C marketing materials in the office and retail segment, we were the only choice in crafting for them the neccessary marketing materials for the sale.

So we go to work creating an emotive and compelling story for the property, which positioned it, rightly so, as the most beautiful modern asset in the whole of prague, and a work of art.

This was crafted in to a stunning brochure, which was more like a piece of art itself, than a property sales material.

Our ability and knowledge of the market enabled this to become a touching piece of print that combined poetical copywriting with clear business facts.

The brochure cover was even printed with a special ink which was used inside the building and not traditionally used as a printed colour. Making for an impactful presentation in an unusually vivid orange print. Delicate graphic design complemented the story and helped quickly and clearly tell the story of the wonderful property, to potential buyers who might not know the building at all.

With the help of the materials, the benefits were clear, enabling the sale to be highly successful beyond expectations
of the outgoing owner and Savills. Becoming one the most profitable commercial sales in Central Europe.


B2B communication, Brochure, Offices