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We work with people, who understand the importance of great work and believe in what we are doing.

We seek out individuals, who are not afraid to think differently.
Individuals who are unique, incisive, and ambitious.
Those who assume nothing, question everything, and strive to make an impact.

Those who have WIT are welcome WITH us.


Petr Hromadka
Partner and Chief Executive Officer.

Czech born and bred, Petr brings 20+ years of experience specialising in real estate marketing. He pioneered the creative approach to the market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cote d'Azur realising early on the potential for applying distinctive visual branding to projects in a way that combines his vast knowledge and unique business insights. Being an entrepreneur himself, Petr is focused on the business side of projects and always sees the opportunities where others have not. Get in touch: [email protected].

Paul Richard Matthews
Paul Richard Matthews
Partner and Chief Creative Officer.

Originally from London and widely regarded as one of the leading figures on the Czech advertising scene for more than 20 years. Proving himself as Design and Creative Director for many large international agencies including Leo Burnett, Havas and DDB, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of visual communication and branding concepts for his clients with his deeply intuitive approach to creation. With a diverse range of skills including being a photographer and music producer, Paul is constantly redefining himself and his work, searching for new perspectives and non-traditional solutions. Get in touch: [email protected].

Jarmila Fryntova
Ing. Jarmila Fryntova MCIM
Partner and Chief Strategy Officer.

Born in Prague, educated in Europe and America, Jarmila spent over 11 years of her professional career in the UAE where she lead multinational teams, including her role as COO & Board Member of Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty. Jarmila won a number of international awards in marketing. Her innate ability to capture vision and deliver system solutions while still being focused on detail, allows her to help bring strategic solutions to live and bridge the gap between the company founders and their teams. Jarmila is a firm believer in disruption and simplicity. Get in touch: [email protected].

Henceforth. we are growing. Grow with us.

If you are ready to dive into creating brave strategic work for iconic brands and to make an impact with us, we are waiting to hear from you.

Pitch yourself to us at [email protected].