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Lihovar in Smíchov: a project with real character

Lihovar in Smíchov: a project with real character

The Lihovar residential project is the second project by Trigema Investment Group, which we have had the pleasure to be part of. We worked on Trigema’s brand identity and strategy in the past, hence we had a lot to work with. Trigema’s projects are special in that they have a soul and a unique character, which isn’t always the case in the real estate market. With Lihovar, our goal was to capture the distinctive character of the place and locality in which it finds itself.

We combined the industrial history of Smíchov with the history of the building, which used to be home to one of Prague’s first distilleries, Fischl and sons.

We selected the name as an homage to the iconic building. The main claim of the project – “Spirit of Smíchov” reflects the individuality of the industrial area, the future local community and finally alludes to the alcohol production in the former distillery. Lihovar is thus an embodiment of respecting the past whilst having the courage to liberate yourself from it and to step into the future. The result is independence, one of Trigema’s defining values.

The building also includes the former distillery brewhouse, which was the only part of the original building to be preserved and later became a cultural monument. It will house a five-storey art gallery of David Černý, which will include a café. The space will retain the spirit of the original distillery, but will offer a new use.

As a location, Smíchov has enormous potential and will keep expanding considerably in the coming years. 

As a district, Smíchov has immense potential and will grow significantly in the upcoming years. The Lihovar project, therefore, represents a unique opportunity to own one of the first properties in this growing and attractive location.A vivid, high-contrast palette underscored by modern yet simple illustrations makes Lihovar full of life, fun, and art. 

Architects: Black n’Arch
CGIs: Monolot
Developer: Trigema a.s.
Visual identity & naming: Henceforth.

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