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Could the future of the store be rent by the hour?

At a time when the high street is littered with empty units, Sook’s bold new model for the retail store could be just what the industry needs. Imagine choosing a location, picking the days and hours you want the space for, configuring the layout, furniture, wall...

Groundbreaking ceremony for Fragment project

Creating the name and brand identity for this project fills us with absolute joy, as we love to celebrate bravery and vision in our field of real-estate development and creativity. This new architectural landmark in Karlin is being developed by Trigema and will consist of...

Henceforth. be inspired.

I'm often asked, Where does your inspiration come from? Well, It comes at us from all directions. I have experienced that spark contemplating a piece art, but also, while sitting on the toilet. It is about being sensitive and more importantly, open to what is...

The Future of Online Luxury Retail

The luxury brands have to reconsider their attitude to the digital retail. The assumption that affluent consumers are not willing to spend for luxury goods online turned to be incorrect. Millenials and generation Z are enormously challenging online luxury growth....