means change.

We help businesses become brands that people love.

We are a multi-disciplinary brand and design consultancy that specialises in fully integrated strategy, creative and communication for luxury and real estate brands that want to dare.

We work with both new and old brands of all sizes, and help solve complex business problems with simple, unique solutions. We believe that beauty lies in simplicity and that design should be captivating, intuitive while still focused on the rationale and commercial sense.

We engineer personal connections for brands to cultivate a creative relationship with its clients, combining passion, reason, intuition, creativity and precision; to realise the brand ambitions of its founders while touching people’s hearts.

For more than a decade we’ve paired strategic tools with beautiful design solutions to help brands find their compelling point of difference and maximise their potential while making commercial sense.

Although we have evolved, with the services expanding to strategic consultancy, we pride ourselves for keeping the boutique feel and approach to all our projects and clients.

We are

Not as typical business units but as multidisciplinary thinking-teams that we exclusively tailor-made for each of our projects. We work closely with our clients in order to deeply understand, strategise and deliver the best solutions.

We work with a network of highly experienced specialists from all over the world led by our creative spirit and shared values. We believe in good work made by good people. We make impact.

  • Portfolio & Brand Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Brand Architecture & Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Renders & CGIs
  • Video & Drone
  • Creative Technology
  • Website
  • Customer experience
  • Activation & Campaigns
  • PR & Communication & Events
  • Social & Content
  • Performance Marketing & PPC
  • Media Buying & more


We live up to our values.

results based

That’s why we turn every request we receive upside down at first and ask WHY? Our desire is to build solutions that move people, solve problems and ultimately create measurable value.


When we take on a project, we naturally become the extension of the client’s mind. We collaborate throughout the whole project to devise the truly great solutions knowing that they can only be as good as the people who create them.


We desire to be generous. That’s why we take the side of the client and always involve best efforts, talents and time to get the things done right.

user centered design

We don’t just think of the technology separate from the design. We approach our  solutions from the user perspective, striving to create a frictionless experience for your customers. Using both design and technology as an enabler meant to enhance and simplify your customer engagement that is aligned with our brand strategy.


We work to earn the trust of our clients and we stand by our word. We don’t take it lightly. Our clients’ business objectives are at the core of what we do and that’s why we ask a lot of questions, making this the essence of every small detail.

continuous improvement

We constantly work to improve ourselves, our products, and our agency.



We believe that creativity underpinned by rationale is behind every successful brand. The brands that can harvest their value become the brands that people associate with; helping them create a landscape through which they understand the world.


We like to ask a lot of questions to understand the hidden rationale and unleash the creative potential to build brands that are not afraid to explore who they really are and thus create a deeper connection with their audience.


We like to ask why as we aspire to be part of the client’s journey of the brave to become part of the landscape and make the everyday better.

Our Clients


With Henceforth. we began cooperation through the creation of a brand concept for our development project ‘Fragment’. That cooperation continues further at the corporate level setting strategies, defining company positioning, developing a creative vision and planning communication strategies. Here too, we are continually impressed with their highly professional and creative approach.

Ing. Michal Netolický, chief marketing officer Trigema a.s.

Henceforth. can perfectly evaluate and plan the direction to achieve one goal - the right one. I'm glad that they're with us on our journey.

Lukáš Školoud, general manager CZ+SK ELITE BATH+KITCHEN

Our collaboration with Henceforth. began several years ago. Regardless if we are working on smaller or larger projects, their approach has always been unique in that it deviates from the usual patterns of thinking, it breaks common practices and finds new contexts which streamlined our processes. Their international experience and individual approach are always a guarantee for us that we are going in the right direction.

Daniela Stričková, marketing manager J&T REAL ESTATE, a.s.